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Barb Barb Adams is an artist who delights in working with paper and fabric.  She is a papermaker, bookmaker, felt and textile artist.
  She delights in sharing her work with others by teaching workshops, where she helps participants discover their creative skills.
Barb’s own hand-made paper, both recycled and fibre paper are the basis of lots of her work.
  Her work for sale at The Alcove Art Shop includes books, beautiful paper, scarves and cards.
Jill Preston works in the media of textiles, paper and mosaics, particularly using recycled materials.  Jill says her confidence is building and she will start The Diploma of Textile Arts at Box Hill TAFE in 2008.  The Alcove Art Shop was her first chance to sell some of her work so she says she is learning and growing as a crafts person by spending time near beautiful things and creative people.  She enjoys felting, knitting, crochet and collecting treasures in Op Shops to use in her work. Jill
Carol Carol Downey has been working in the textile arts for 30 years, 9 of which were as a studio weaver with the Australian Fibre Art Workshop.  During that time she produced work for the fashion industry, tourist trade and interior decoration for both domestic and commercial buildings.
  She has a passion for the tactile qualities of threads and textiles and currently enjoys designing unique scarves and wraps which highlight a variety of textures and colours.
  Carol now combines her experience in textile arts with hand papermaking and traditional techniques and materials are explored and manipulated to create non-traditional works, some of which reflect her passion for nature and the environment.
  A new journey of exploration involves creating one-off artists books, each one of which tells a story or makes a statement through its format, structure, materials and presentation.
Margaret Mueller
Helen Helen Clancy has been working with clay for about thirty years, experiencing most raw materials, surfaces and firing methods.  In recent years she has also turned to sculpture, depicting emotion and the spirit through pose, gesture and facial expression.
Gail Stiffe is a paper and book artist who has been working in the field for the last twenty or so years.  She divides her practice between exhibition pieces and production work.  Her many splendid books usually have handmade paper on the covers and Hahnemuhle for the text blocks and she often dyes the paper and the thread.  Her work has been presented in many books and magazines and she designed two books for the Lark Books Production “Eco Books”. Gail Stiffe
Jeanette Jeanette Carter has studied and worked with textiles and ceramics.  The textiles included spinning, weaving, tie dye and batik.  She is a member of Basketmakers of Victoria and participates in their workshops, conferences and exhibitions.  Jeanette’s ceramic work is inspired by the textures and colours of the stone houses and villages in France.
Urthly Organics started out in 1998 in the Box Hill South kitchen of Julie Andrews.  As a child growing up in the country,   Julie collected soap in different shapes and smells, her desire to create products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly whilst caring for the most troubled skin is the paramount of Urthly Organics.  Julie has a trade background in pastry cooking so a lot of ideas come from food.  “If it can't be eaten, it won’t be used”.
  Urthly Organics has always sourced organic, bio-dynamic, sustainable and natural ingredients to create quality skin friendly natural soaps, skin creams and other skin products to suit every skin type, even the most sensitive of skins whilst caring for the environment.
All Urthly Organics products are 100% bio-degradable and environmentally friendly and will take your showering and bathing experience to the top level without compromising on quality.
  Julie now resides in Junortoun (Bendigo area) in a bush setting with her 2 beautiful girls, Jemille and Anelise.
  Every Saturday Julie attends the St Andrews market at St Andrews from 8am till 2pm selling her products also.
  “To all those that buy Urthly Organics, Thank you and hope you love the product just as much as I love making it.”
Urthly Organics
Carly Leech Carly Leech is a textile designer and artist living in Melbourne.  Carly utilizes textile methods in weaving, silk painting and dyeing, free-motion machine embroidery, machine knitting and marbling to bring her textiles to life.  Carly enjoys creating 3D sculptures and embroidered pictures through stitching on silk or yarn.  She is inspired by enjoyment of creating a new piece of art, nature, family, friends, imagination and dreams.
Carole Kernohan My creating and making started when I was young with sewing, knitting, card making and more.   I make a variety of works from jewellery to platters and sculptural pieces.  I enjoy working with a variety of metals, glass, resin, stone and textiles and sometimes incorporating them together.  Most of my pieces are individual or part of a limited series.

A lot of my knowledge has been acquired over the years from a variety of short courses as well as doing an Advanced Diploma Engineering Technology (jewellery) at NMIT and now playing/exploring.  Since 2008 I have exhibited in various joint exhibitions, and won prizes in the RACV Melbourne Show & Wool & Sheep Show.

Carole Kernohan
Gwen Scott Gwen Scott creates limited edition linocut prints using the colour reduction technique pioneered by Picasso.  One block is used, and colours are built up one on top of another to produce a multi-coloured print.

All prints are hand-pulled through an etching press at her Mont Albert North studio, and printed on fine art cotton rag paper.  Only small editions are produced.
Howard Billing Unique earthenware made by drape moulding or by slip casting.  All pieces are individually made and decorated; no two pieces are the same.  My basic philosophy is to create fun and bright pieces that celebrate life and the imperfection that only mankind can achieve.

Started making pottery in February 2012 at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre under the watchful eye and guiding hand of Ann-Maree Gentle, a master potter.   I have developed my own style and influences.  Not only are the pieces individual but I’ve created the moulds used in the slip casting.

All pieces are practical and decorative, microwave safe and dishwasher proof.
Howard Billing
Jenie Yolland Jenie Yolland As one of Australia’s most regarded glass artists, Jenie Yolland draws her inspiration directly from nature.  All work Jenie produces has a title, which communicates the original idea.  Each piece creates a story; beginning with an inspiration, which she reproduces in glass in varying dimension, texture and colour.

The relationship between these elements means no two pieces are exactly alike, much as no story is ever retold in exactly the same way.  Nothing of nature is ever precisely perfect, or uniformly identical, and the same is true of her glass artworks.

After beginning with a passion for watercolour painting, Jenie Yolland has been working with kiln-formed glass for over 20 years.  Her glass is exported all over the world and is exhibited widely.

Keep inspired!
Tricia Alexander
Textile Artist